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Perkins Engine Identification

In order to find the correct engine kit for your tractor it will be necessary to correctly identify the model of Perkins engine you have. Perkins Engines should contain one of the two following formats for engine numbering depending on its year of manufacture

Perkins engines manufactured prior to 1978
The system consists of a maximum of 13 digits, and was used between 1966 & 1978. Another numbering method was used prior to 1966, which utilized a digit number with no reference to engine series.

perkins engine ID

Perkins engine manufactured after 1978

Perkins Engine ID

Engine Number Locations

Engine Family & Type Code

AA 1004.4 AB 1004.4T AC 1004.40T AD 1004.40TW AE 1004.4
AG 1004.4 AH 1004.4 AJ 1004.4 AK 1004.40T AL 1004.40TA
AM 1004.40T AP 1004.4 AQ 1004.40T AR 1004.42 AS 1004.42
AT 1004.40TA CD 3.152 CE D3.152 CF G3.152 CM 3.152.4
CN T3.152.4 DC 1103C-33 DD 1103C-33T DE 1103C-33TA DF 1103B-33
DG 1103B-33T DJ 1103A-33 DK 1103A-33T ED 4.108 JD 4.203
JE D4.203 JF G4.203 JG 4.203.2 LA 4.212 LD 4.236
LE G4.236 LF 4.248 LG 4.248.2 LH C4.236 LJ T4.236
NC 4.318 RE 1104C-44 RF 1104C-E44 RG 1104C-44T RH 1104C-E44T
RJ 1104C-44TA RK 1104C-E44TA RR 1104A-44 RS 1104A-44T RT 1104A-44TA
TC 6.354 TE T6.354 TG 6.354.1 TH T6.354.1 TJ 6.354.2
TK C6.354.2 TT TC6.354.1 TU T6.354.4 TW 6.354.4 VK 1106C-E60TA
YA 1006.6 YB 1006.60T YC 1006.60T YD 1006E-6TW YE 1006.6
YF 1006.60S YG 1006.6 YH 1006.60T YJ 1006.60TA YK 1006.60TW

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